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GradeMetrix® Loader is packed with industry leading technology. It is easy to use and delivered at an affordable price. The system can easily be installed and calibrated.

The GradeMetrix® Loader system is designed to fit
seamlessly into your existing site infrastructure using
standard file formats and is compatible with most base station hardware and corrections. GradeMetrix Loader, like all GradeMetrix solutions, provides a 3-year warranty for all major components.

New and experienced operators can dramatically increase accuracy, efficiency, and dependability with GradeMetrix® Loader, resulting in significant ROI in your operations immediately.


GradeMetrix® Key Features
  • Access to all GNSS satellite constellations; including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS. for maximum accuracy and coverage in difficult environments.

  • GNSS receiver supports industry standard RTK formats including RTCM3.x, ROX, CMR, and CMR+ 

  • 2.5D and 3D operation modes all come standard. 

  • Simplified user interface with multiple views including plan view, profile view, cross-section view, and more.

  • Supports DTMs or 3D linework. 

  • Real-time Cut/Fill color maps are supported to show existing progress.

  • Map projections and localized coordinate systems for simplified site alignment to existing designs and models.

GradeMetrix® Loader Brochure [CLICK HERE]

For AU residents  [CLICK HERE]

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